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Is it me or has mercury retrogade stayed a little longer than I thought? Things have been pretty heavy on me lately. Work has already piled up & my OC-self feels so unproductive right now. Not to mention, I’ve got a truckload of personal problems as well. *sigh* I’ve always promised myself to over deliver but what’s happening is the exact opposite. Ughh. I need to get my head back in the game. Distractions, distractions, distractions — how I wish they could just disappear in a snap. How do you get distractions off the track?

On a lighter note, the past week was one of the busiest yet most fulfilling weeks of this quarter. Concluded a three-day shoot in which I enjoyed a lot cause I got to bond with some of my favorite people. Was also part of the team behind the #SmartBroQuizNight party & I couldn’t be happier to see so much of our guests present. Not to mention, everyone had so much fun. Woohoo!

Here’s another week to brave. Dear Lord, you know better. #gameface


(Dress - Mom’s | Shoes - Nike | Bag - Michael Kors)



Feeling like in a shampoo commercial in my silky straight hair! Thank you Princess Hazel Salon & Spa for the Brazillian Blowout experience. Definitely the best treatment I’ve gotten to date.


Feeling normcore in sneaks!.. Haha. Ok fine, was too lazy to put the heels on. Haha!


(C) Kelly Medina
Slumber Newbie
Oh yes, you got that right! It’s my first time ever to go overnight with my friends! Woohoo! I feel so free & independent when I did my little escape from mommy. Lol. I’ve always been the sheltered type of girl & don’t get me wrong cause I’m not complaining! I probably won’t be the person I am right now if my parents weren’t responsible enough to take care of me. Hihi.

For this “trip”, I did not ask for permission because I know they won’t allow me. So I was kinda sorta prepared for the worst.. dad picking me up at 12 midnight. Haha. Good thing, mom got the hint with all the Instagram photos I posted. Whew! Thank God for social media! ;)

Arnie, Ana & I stayed at Luxent Hotel, it’s at the heart of QC, five minutes away from the famous restaurants of Tomas Morato & Timog. I love how not crowded the hotel is cause most people go there for conventions and business meetings.. not for leisure. Well, they’re totally missing the whole experience!


Here’s what surprised me the moment I got there, meet Lex & Lexi!



One of their basic rooms consist of two double beds, a quaint dressed, plasma TV, mini ref, some treats & a clean bathroom!



Here’s a sneak peek of their Deluxe room! Do you see what I see?



As soon as you enter the hotel, you’ll instantly get a glimpse of their big cocktail bar that serves a lot of your normal & unusual drinks. They have special drinks that everyone needs to try — both alcoholic & non-alcoholi cocktails!



Of course, what could be better than to have a sumptuous buffet dinner! Dessert comes first for me!




They have TONS of dishes to choose from! Just looking back at this photos gets my food coma on!



My love for cheese is inevitable.


Hurray for sweet treats!


Live music is heard all over the lobby every night!


As soon as we finished our little dinner celebration, we headed back in our room for an ultimate girls night out. Haha. I couldn’t thank these two enough for the amazing time & trust & friendship they have given me.



As expected, we woke up, almost ready for lunch! Haha. What’s a better way to eat that having them inside our room. Oh, don’t worry cause we experienced a good buffet breakfast first.


I had way too much fun that I failed to take photos of all the other amenities there was. There’s so much more to see like their gym, a lovely terrace where you’ll get a glimpse of the city, a serene infinity pool, convention halls & a whole lot more!

Looks like we’ll be back for another round of good time at Luxent! Can’t wait to be back.

Savvy Sleek
Everyone okay? I’m trying to compose this blog entry in the middle of our 13-hours-and-still-counting electricity hiatus. I am this near into investing on a small generator that will at least address our need for light and fans. The weather has been crazy today but I’m happy that most of the people dear to me are dry and safe. I hope all of you out there are just as fine!

I’m here to talk about one of my favorite style icons — Rachel Zoe! An unparalleled fixture in the fashion world, Rachel Zoe is a distinguished designer, stylist and editor renowned for her effortless take on glamour. Having immersed herself in fashion and design for nearly two decades, Rachel has been heralded as one of the most influential forces working in fashion today.

Glamour is something I would love to inject in all of my looks. I try to put out the best set of accessories every time even on work days! Anything that glitters is something that gets me too every time. When it comes to putting the glam in everything, Rachel Zoe will have to be one of the best out there. She effortlessly crafts a look that is sheek, classy, exceptional & stands out in a crowd of beautiful things.


(Dress, Shoes & Accessories - Forever 21 | Clutch - Roxy)



Tried to add a pop of color with my trusty glitzy pair of pumps. I hate how I can no longer wear my shoes on regular days. Oh.. I miss the carefree life! But I guess it’s about time I get independent. Here’s to becoming a big girl from now on.



Speaking of being classy and sheek, I heard a new phone is about to be launched soon! Lenovo Mobile Philippines is about to share with us a new innovation when it comes to fashion savvy individuals — the Lenovo S850! This little one is packed with an all-glass exterior, quality battery life (FINALLY!!), quad-core performance & so much more! Oh.. did I mention that it also has a really nice camera on both the back & front for that perfect selfie/OOTD snaps?



(C) Ana Gonzales

Since it’s just about to launch, be one of the first to see the beautiful Lenovo S850 as Lenovo Mobile Philippines launches its flagship smartphone on July 19, Saturday 4pm at The Atrium, SM Mall of Asia. I will be granting FIVE readers invites to the event where Forever 21 is going to show off some of their best pieces to date + each will receive Lenovo premium items!

Tweet or post on Instagram your best OOTD inspired by your Style Icon. Tag @lenovomobileph @forever21ph & use the hashtags: #LenovoForever, #FeelTheVibe, #ForThoseWhoDo, #lenovomobileph, and #LenovoCL

This is too easy not to do! Who knows, you might even end up going home with a brand new phone! Join now.


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