August Diary

Started the month with Instax’s first ever DIY day! This was a whole day activity which I totally enjoyed. I’m glad to see such creative minds flock together in one roof! & guess what? I even won a sweet treat for the first workshop. :”>

Tried Your Local with my officemates & honestly, the food was so so but their Earl Grey cheesecake is to die for!

My first weekend was filled with so much events! Tried Wink’s diode laser hair removal treatment, got first dibs on Vern & Verniece’s new book & indulged in good Japanese teppanyaki at Akira.

Midway through that week, I watched Pinnochio with some of my blogger friends. Every kid should watch this!

The following weekend was a working weekend. Spent it down SOuth in Davao in celebration of their Kadayawan festival. It was my first time in the place & boy was it a peaceful & clean place. The kids there sure knows how to party too! Too bad I got allergies the whole time & boo, my phone got stolen. :(

Despite spending most of our time in the city, I still got the chance to try out something very local. Saging Repablik is a place everyone is going to get thrilled about! Will blog about this really really soon so watch out for that.

Attended an event in the office where I got to meet the internet rockstar, Ramon Bautista & look who I bumped into as well? Reunited with my Ka-tropang Jugs too!

The foodie in me is happy when I got to try out Mad Mark’s. I’m quite choosy when it comes to steak so I tried their chicken wings instead. It’s crunchy & juicy & tasty!! + you don’t want to miss out on their madagascar ice cream.

Hurray for a weekend well spent with family! It’s always fun to be with the people you love most. I enjoyed this weekend the most despite my little brother missing in action. Tagaytay will always have a sweet spot in our long weekends. Hahaha.

Here are some of the gifts & purchases I got for the month!! Thank you Clotle for the blue dress you sent over. I love how it hugs my body in all the right places. Been a hoarder of Sunnies Studios for the last few weeks & I still got my eyes on a few more. New make-up & new bag from GC bags! Yay! & lastly, stocked up on my favorite Carbtrim & trying out Nice Day coffee for the first time!

Supported my MadHouseMNL loves & The Butcher Shop & Pub. They’ve got A LOT of amazing dishes! Not to mention, their steak is pretty good! Blogging about this too as well so stay updated by visiting daily! I owe you a lot of backlogs. Haha.

Ended the month with everyone’s favorite brand, Herschel! The Fall 2014 collection is beautiful. Thank you for always having me Primer.

Well Travelled Manila
I was so ecstatic to blog about the event I went to last night! Despite my groggy-sneezy-self, I made it sane enough to Yardstick & witness the beauty Herschel Supply Co. has in store for everyone.This season, Herschel invites all the travellers, the dwellers, the explorers to be out there & share their snaps of the beautifiul places they go to. It’s about time everyone gets a glimpse of the fast-paced life YOU are in. Pegged as a photo essay series highlighting travel stories, Herschel will be featuring your photos in its Well Travelled journey. Herschel aspires to turn individuals into adventure seekers with a strong zest for passion-filled and well-traveled life.

What I love most in their showcase was the wide range of small pouches they have perfect for that tiny jetsetter in me! I immensely adore the geo print made available for Fall 2014 & I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of those soon! Little America was a crowd favorite & I can’t blame anyone cause that piece is such a beauty. For me, it’s one signature bag that Herschel owned & I’m happy to see a lot of my friends grabbing one for themselves.


This is the geo print that I knew I had to have. Don’t you think it’s pretty?


This laptop envelope is definitely a must-have! I’ve always been relying to my sturdy Jansport to house my laptop but I think this posh little one is about to be part of my to-buy list.



Imagine travelling in these pretty pouches! Oh, it gives me thrills. #OChits

09 10

Did I mention that they also have sturdy wallets in their collection?



It’s the little intricate details that makes me all giddy with Herschel bags. Thats a lot of hardwork & creativity to put them all in the right places.



With a fresh perspective and an ever-wandering spirit, any place can set the stage for a person’s next big adventure.


What’s In My Bag?
Every once in a while, I try to inject something very personal on my posts aside from my usual kwentos, outfit posts & ganaps. August was one good month for me cause I got to do soo much stuff I thought I won’t be able to accomplish for the month. Anyhoo, I am filled with so much gifts from my friends & one of them is this bag from GC Bags! It’s owned by a family friend whom I’ve known since grade school.

No, this won’t be some hardsell post about my bag but rather, what’s inside it! HAHA! I find posts like this interesting from other bloggers so might as well join the bandwagon. Hopefully, I could also do a haul or an “empties” post soon!


I suck at bringing less in all of my activities. Having a big bag is a must cause I store so much heavy stuff from my make-up to my gadgets & even to my wallet! Kudos to my new pink bag for being spacious enough.


First on my list are my babies. I always bring with me my big wallet that stores my bills, cards, business cards, allergy medicines (cause it’s important like that), GCs & a few of my favorite instax photos. I also have a coin purse to store all my coins & enough money for commute.


Make-up! I can never leave the house without my make-up kit. As much as I try not to put so much on my face everyday, it’s inevitable to go crazy when emergency pops up. I’ve come to live with the saying “Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy” & that includes being presentable. & by presentable, I meant having a flush of soft blush & lipstick to make you look alive & pleasant.


Being the social media person that I am, my smartphones are my life. Now that I’ve lost my pink iPhone, I need to put extra care on the only one left. I never leave the house without my chargers & powerbanks cause you never know when you’ll suddenly need it.


Next are just SOME of my health kit staples. I usually have some napkins, tissue & alcohol in there but they didn’t make it in the photo op. If there’s something a lot of people know of me, it’s how OC I get with everything & that does not exclude my personal care. Cleanliness is next to Godliness!


Lastly! I make sure to have a set of accessories with me in case I forget to bring one when I hit the gym. I tend to forget to pack them when I’m in a rush so keeping a set in my bag (for good), makes it easy for me not to go underdressed.


So there you go! I’m working on a mini accessory/make-up/nail stuff organizing post so watch out for that.



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